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AlzRisk Paper Detail

Reference: Sparks, 2008
Cohort: Alzheimer's Disease Anti-inflammatory Prevention Trial
Risk Factor: Statin use

Average Follow-up Time Detail
Members of the cohort were followed for up to 3.75 years. The article does not provide the average follow-up time for the participants.

Exposure Detail
The interviewers ascertained exposure by recording self-reported statin use at each visit.

The investigators compared incident AD risk in two groups: the group of participants who consistently used statins during follow-up ("Consistently used") and the reference group of participants who did not use statins or non-statin LLAS ("Never used").

Ethnicity Detail
The participants of the ADAPT trial were predominantly Caucasian (97%). Few participants were African-American. The article did not report the ethnicity breakdown of the sample used for this analysis.

Screening and Diagnosis Detail
Screening Method:
Brain Imaging
CABCognitive Assessment Battery Testing
Informant interview
LABLaboratory Testing
MMSEMini-Mental State Examination (Folstein 1975)
Neuropsych Testing

AD Diagnosis:
DSM IV Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV
NINCDS ADRDA National Institute of Neurological and Communicative Diseases and Stroke/Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders Association Criteria (McKhann 1984)

Total dementia definition: Dementia via DSM-IV

Covariates & Analysis Detail
Analysis Type:
Cox proportional hazards regression

AD Covariates:
APOE4APOE e4 genotype